BIANCA "B." AMELIA MARIA S. NAYLOR (nerdasaurus) wrote in lamemc68,


2/06 Stereo Crush - Careen - Oliver M
2/11 Coheed & Cambria - Onelinedrawing - Hopesfall - Lum M
2/14 Rilo Kiley - May Day - The Good Life M
2/14 The Robot Music Collective Half & Half
2/15 Ben Kweller - Brendon Benson - Audio Learning Center B
2/15 The Lincoln High School Semi-Formal: DJ-Ed By Hoxxtt Dream Boat Dj Clockwork/SWEETDELCIOUS Justin Uh.. I Don't Know Where
2/19 Rainer Maria - Mates Of State - Red Tape M
2/20 Keepsake - Staring Back - Choke - Believing In June M
2/24 The Donnas - OK Go - Rooney R
2/25 Sno-Core: Sparta - Glassjaw - Hot Water Music R
2/25 Further Seems Forever - Elliott - The Beautiful Mistake - Openhand - Acceptance - Watashi Wa M
3/01 Death Cab For Cutie - The Thermals C
3/02 Tsunami Bomb - Hot Rod Circuit M
3/202 The Locust - Get Hustle - Fast Forward - Moving Units N
3/07 The June Spirit - Days Away - Waiting For Autumn - Dayton - The Vicious Kisses M
3/07 Hint Hint - Pretty Girls Make Graves - Cobra High N
3/23 The Velvet Teen M
3/25 Rocking Horse Winner M
3/31 Little Wings M
4/04 CKY R
4/05 Dub Narcotic Sound System M
5/09 The Gossip N

god hates children: Interpol. Blood Bros. Milemarker. Ted Leo. Joan Of Arc. Elastica.

oh my god why is audio learning center playing with BK? Honestly, ALC is one of the worst bands ever.

Vans warped tour dates were released. And it coming to portland this year instead of the gorge. And whoa. Andrew wk is playing.. yea. Uh. Ok. And from autumn to ashes. Who are actually really good.

Jen and I are going to make eyes at damien from ok go. Also: signs.

N is for nocturnal. Its on 18th and east burnside. The venue is upstairs from a bar. The shows should all be all ages.
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