Claire L. Evans (geekrocklove) wrote in lamemc68,
Claire L. Evans

How Far We Have Come

Tuesday 8.15

High School Confession
Of all the dorky activities I was involved with in high school, LAME MC 68 was probably the nerdiest of them all. An acronym for “listeners against musical exploitation” the group was basically an excuse for the six or so music nerds at the school to get together for lunch once a week to gush about Pitchfork’s latest crush and exchange hand-made mix-tapes. If LAME MC 68 still existed, then Providence’s Get Him Eat Him (featuring ex-member Raf Spielman) would be everyone’s favorite band. Combining all the bands we rubbed our legs about (Built to Spill, the Wrens, the Dismemberment Plan) into one indie-rock wet dream, the band plays tight, palpable rock songs lazed with intricate guitar lines and tons of Rentals-esque keyboards. After opening for the Arcade Fire, The Walkmen, and Ted Leo, taking on the hipsterfied Silver Lake crowd should be a cinch. Get Him Eat Him play with the Evangelicals at Spaceland, 1717 Silver Lake Blvd., Silver Lake. $8. (323) 661-4380. (Michael Mannheimer)
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